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Creating Custom Vape Labels

Vaping has become increasingly popular as a ‘cleaner’ alternative to cigarette smoking, with e-liquids coming in hundreds of fun and fruity flavours. With such a big and growing market, and such a small label to showcase your vape brand, having a bit of knowledge of where to start may just be what you need.

The main thing which vapers heavily rely on when they are buying a new vape product either online or in a shop is instantly knowing the flavour of the e-liquid, by the design of the bottles and labels. When it comes to creating a good vape label, telling a story in pictures will invoke a memory of a taste before they even begin to open up the bottle.

Rules and Regulations

It is vital that our vape customers understand the rules and regulations around the labelling of their e-liquid products which our guide can help you get started with.

(Please note we are not responsible for the most current laws within your country so always check this out before ordering your labels).

The list of ingredients which should be displayed either on the label or the packaging include:

  • Nicotine Content per Bottle
  • Batch Number
  • Warning to keep the product out of the reach of children – the e-liquid is highly toxic when ingested, and the vibrant labels may look like candy to kids who may swallow it without knowing.
  • Health warning which is clear in black text on a white background on both front and back – “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance”
  • Amount of liquid within your bottle (e.g. 30ml)
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Questions to Ask

Before thinking about your vape label you need to consider and ask yourself some questions to get you started.

What bottle size will I be using for my e-liquid? These come in various sizes from 10ml up to 100ml bottles depending on your market.

What shape are the bottles and will my logo look ok on these shapes? If your logo is a customised shape it might look better on a cylindrical bottle or perhaps a flatter surface.


What colour will my bottles be? If they are clear then any colour label is going to be well suited with the bottle, where a brown, green or black bottle might need different colour schemes to make the label stand out.

What material will my vape bottle be? Depending on the material of the bottle (i.e. plastic or glass), it may alter the label adhesive and material so is another thing to consider.

Label Shape and Size

Once you have the bottle sorted you can get started on the label design. So, choosing your label size and shape is the next step. As most e-liquid bottles are small in size you need to try and go as big as possible with the label to fit your design onto and make it stand out. Whether you want an irregular label shape or wrap around rectangular label is down to your preference and research.


Just because you have a small space to work with doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Colour is everything with vape labels and with digital printing, such as our digital Domino printing press, offering over 10,000 pantone colours, you can go wild with your colour choices.

Tip: Adding hot foiling can make your vape labels ooze sophistication thanks to an attractive metallic shine.

Label Materials & Finishes

Although e-liquid is not a corrosive substance, it can get pretty sticky, so ensuring you choose the best material and finish to withstand this will give you the confidence that your labels are of a high quality and will last a lifetime on the shelf. We offer numerous material options which you may want to test before placing an order.

White PP (Polyproylene) – an opaque white material

Clear PP (Polypropylene) – a translucent material

Silver PP – a metallic material to create a metal shimmer to your labels

Holographic Paper – a metallic holographic material for a unique effect

Tactile Varnish – gives a sandpaper like texture to the labels

Gloss Varnish – for a super shiny label with a protective coating

Matt Varnish – for a flat, matt label with no shine


Designing the Vape Label

Vape labels are generally full of colour to attract the customer for such a small product. With so many hundreds of flavours, changing the design to each can be very costly and time consuming, but tweaking just the colour of the flavour can be a nice subtle difference, which takes a lot less work, money and time to create.

Pictures of fruit or pop art graphite seem to be the trend and something which a graphic designer can help you with. One thing you do want to stand out is your logo. You want people to remember your brand over your competitors so make your logo known on the label.

If you can’t fit all the legal requirements on to the label (which can be somewhat challenging) then you can always add this onto a small leaflet enclosed within the box.

Label Order

That’s where we can help! If you are at the point of wanting to order your vape labels or want to try out some sample materials first our team can help you from start to finish. With our 21 plus years experience we are confident we can find you the right material and finish to create the best vape labels in town. Get in touch with us today for a free sample pack or a label quote.