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Creating A Non-Alcoholic Beer Brand That Your Customers Will Love

The non-alcoholic drinks market is continuing to grow, with the market expected to continue growing by over 5% each year. For those who make the decision to avoid alcohol, opting for a non-alcoholic beer brand as an alternative to other soft drinks is popular for feeling like they can still enjoy a social drink with their friends or family without the alcohol content. With more brands to choose from on the market, consumers are noticing the benefits for themselves;

  • There are great tasting alternatives out there which fulfil the satisfaction of a regular pint.
  • It’s much better for you than alcoholic equivalents and is suitable for certain medical conditions which do not allow you to drink alcohol.
  • You can experience the same enjoyment as a regular beer whilst cutting back on alcohol.
  • It will not leave you feeling the effects of alcohol so even the designated driver can get involved.
  • No hangover the next morning!

Promoting your non-alcoholic beer brand

Once you have perfected your recipe and are ready for your customers to try out your new offering, the next obstacle is reaching the right consumers with your non alcoholic beer bottle labels or beer can label designs. With so many big name brands on the shelf, at the pubs and even online, competing for market share can be difficult so displaying yourself as a unique non-alcoholic beer brand different from the rest is going to make the difference. For maximum impact when consumers are walking by, consider the following branding essentials;   

beer cans photograph

Entice through imagery

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. By investing into getting the perfect shots of your products by a professional photographer, you can reach consumers in the blink of an eye. Whether you get a shot of the ice cold drink against a simple background or set the scene with some shots in a pub environment, viewers may suddenly take a fancy to the offering and make an impulsive purchase to try it out for themselves. Your imagery is your chance to display your brand personality without words, so make it count!

Change the perception

It initially took a while for non-alcoholic beer brands to take off, but nowadays, there is less of a negative perception as consumers can see the benefits for themselves. Particularly around younger consumers, the concept of a non-alcoholic equivalent was not the same as the ‘real thing’ and was a no go for many. By branding your products in a similar way to popular beer brands and highlighting them as a refreshing way to enjoy a cold pint with their dinner before driving home rather than shouting about the zero alcohol content, the product is seen in a whole new light.

alcohol free beer

Finding your niche

As with most markets nowadays, the number of non-alcoholic beer brands competing for market share has led to a competitive environment. To separate yourself from your competitors, establishing your unique selling point(s) and displaying these clearly will portray the benefits of your range. Whether you want to shout about being low calorie, environmentally friendly, a local business or even known for hosting fun events, find your area and stick with it. Once you have established the perfect target audience, reaching it should be much easier and will allow you to target your image and promotional tools accordingly.

Create stand out labels

Whether you sell on supermarket shelves, in your local pubs fridge or through your website, your beer labels will be the first thing customers see, forming their first impression. This is your space to show off your non-alcoholic beer brand and get your message across to entice consumers to give your product a go. Although the space is limited, the combination of a front label, back label and neck label offers plenty of opportunity to get your brand personality across and appeal to a thirsty consumer. Make sure your logo, brand name, brand colours and any key information is easily visible without cramming in too many smaller details.

With years of experience creating custom can and bottle labels for many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer brands of all sizes, we’re here to help. Offering friendly advice in line with your branding and target market, achieve the best possible results from your labels to create an impact that counts, displaying the quality product inside through quality labelling! If you would like to speak to a member of the Labelnet team to see how we can help you create the best labels for your non-alcoholic beer brand, feel free get in touch today.