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Designing Unique Gin Bottles That Stand Out

The alcohol market is booming, with more brands ever than before to choose from. Whether you are a well-loved and known brand looking for a brand refresh to gain back some market share or are a small family run start up business working with local distilleries, creating unique gin bottles can make the difference for brands of all sizes.

After spending so long perfecting your delicious gin with unique flavour combinations and aromas, getting this across to the customer is the next obstacle. With so many brands competing for attention both on the shelf and online, how do you catch the eye of consumers against so many big name brands?

Establishing what makes you unique

When creating a new design, make sure it is bursting with your brand personality. If in doubt, take away your brand name from your gin labels and establish whether your customers would be able to recognise the design as your own through your use of colour, messaging and style. Your brand image is your way to reach the relevant audience and highlight your unique selling point to differentiate you from the other brands out there. Are you an environmentally conscious brand taking steps to reduce climate change? Are you a colourful new brand creating fun flavours? There is a story behind every brand so do what you can to tell it without words through your unique gin bottle design.

Keep an eye on current trends

Remaining up to date with changes in trends will help you identify and gaps in the market and jump on in. Knowing what is performing well in the market and maintaining a form of communication with your target audience will allow you to gain insights on what could perform well in line with the current environment. Whether it be any colour trends, new popular flavours to try out or even a brand partnership, there are so many opportunities out there to exploit with unique gin bottles!

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Consistency is key

Although brands are continually making adjustments, maintaining a steady appearance is important when it comes to brand recognition. When you launch a new addition to your product range, you need your customers to be able to spot it as yours on an overcrowded shelf. Continuing with your trusty design but making subtle changes to accommodate each gin in the range will create an aesthetic appearance when they are lined up on the shelf whilst making it clear what the difference between each type is.

Create unique gin bottle labels

A shopper’s first glance at your custom labels can make the difference between a sale and choosing a competitor product. Once your design has caught the eye of a consumer, this is only the first step; the contents of the label will be where someone looks for what they want to hear. Using enticing language and highlighting what makes your product different is what could sway an undecided customer one way or another.

Gin and juniper berries drink

It’s the extra touches that count

To take a unique gin bottle one step further, consider how you can create a truly luxurious feel with elegant designs that customers can reuse afterwards. By finding a label supplier who has the capabilities to add decorative embellishments to your drink labels, you can create designs that others are unable to. Here are some of our favourite embellishments for unique gin bottles:

Changing both the appearance and the texture, this method creates a 3D effect to highlight a particular bit of text or the design to create a premium feel.

Hot Foiling
This method uses metallic foil to add an elegant touch to labels using silver, gold or copper colours that are not possible through traditional printing methods.

Screen Printing
Used to create a thick layer of intense colour with a glossy finish, this method can create bold patterns and even braille printing.

Decorative Varnishes
Create unique gin bottle finishes with your choice of varnish including glitter, UV or luminous to achieve an eye catching look that can help you stand out.

The team at Labelnet have worked with a variety of brands to create unique gin bottles that help them portray their brand in the best possible light, enticing their ideal customer base to try out their delicious recipes. If you would like to speak to one of our experts to see how we can help you create unbeatable designs, please get in touch today.