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What to Consider When Designing Candle Labels

If you’ve started a candle business and your website is ready, you’ve got your suppliers on hand and a beautiful array of scents, it’s time to start thinking about labelling your candles. When designing a candle label, it’s important that you display all the relevant and legal information to adhere to regulations and help your customers make the right buying decisions. Candle labels are required to clearly show certain information that protects your business as well as your customers. Here, we’ll discuss exactly how to design a candle label that withstands the heat, reflects your business and ensures your customers have the best candle burning experience.

General Candle Information

When designing a candle label, you need to design with the Fair Packaging & Labelling Act in mind which protects customers from marketing ploys. It’s also just a great way to make sure you’re including information on the candle label that will help your customer’s buying decision. The information that must be displayed on your candle label is:

  • The type of waxed used (soy wax, beeswax, palm wax etc.)
  • The burn time in hours
  • How it was made e.g., hand poured, infused with essential oils etc.
  • The candle weight in ml, g or oz
  • Where the candle was made

These are all factors that are required when designing a candle label and will also help determine whether or not your candle will be bought over your competitors. It’s also a great idea to include scent information such as notes to help your customers pick their favourite scents.


Safety Information

When thinking about how to design a candle label, you should always clearly display safety information. Every single one of your candles should have a warning label of tag listing the key rules for candle care and safety. This should include instructions for burning the candle properly. Safety labels should have information on trimming the wick, keeping the candle away from foreign materials, the best surfaces to burn candles on and the maximum time the candle can be burned for at a time.

Label Materials

Whilst it’s easy for you to stay away from the flame, your label has no choice. So, you need to make sure that the material of your label needs to be able to withstand the temperature that the flame can rise to. We have a wide range of materials which we can recommend including sustainable labels which might fit well with your brand.

A Label Design to Reflect Your Brand

Other than the safety and legal information, it’s important to think about the label design. When wondering how to design a candle label, think about how you are going to reflect your brand. Think about your company logo and whether you want to prioritise minimalism or go all out with a bold design. Choosing the right shape and design that align with your brand when designing a candle labelling can help your customers find your items on the shelf. If your design aesthetic is minimalist with neutral colours, your customers won’t be paying attention to the big, bold designs in neon colours.


Our partners can help to design your candle label and build a brand for your candle business as well as introduce you into farm shops should you wish to expand your portfolio. Just get in touch with us for more information, samples or quotes for your labels.