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kombucha drinks

Kombucha Drinks Health Benefits

Kombucha is a word we are hearing more and more frequently, so what is it? Kombucha is a type of fiz

zy and fruity fermented tea, also known as ‘mushroom tea’ because of the mushroom like colour which is produced whilst in the fermentation stage.  One thing not everyone knows though is Kombucha is actually alcoholic! Most drinks will have only a small percentage of alcohol with anything from 0.5% to 2%. It has actually been around for thousands of years and is increasingly popular within the drinks industry as the health and energy benefits it offers are pretty amazing.

A Source of Probiotic

Whilst fermenting, bacteria is grown within the mixture providing a source of probiotic which provides any gut with healthy bacteria, improving digestion, inflammation and even weight loss…winning!

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet and Kombucha contains the same plant compounds which presumably carries the same benefits such as burning calories, improving cholesterol and helping with blood sugar levels.


Kombucha contains awesome antioxidants which fight free radicals (everyday elements which can cause aging and damage to your cells). It especially seems to have positive effects on the liver.

Kills Bacteria

Kombucha produces acetic acid, which you also find in vinegar. This provides anti-bacterial effects which can kill harmful microorganisms and supress the growth of undesirable bacteria.

Provides Energy

It is also thought that Kombucha provides your body with a boost of energy and drunk by many people for that reason. Always check the label though as some Kombucha drinks contain a very high level of sugar which will be adding that energy boost.

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Kombucha Drinks Labels

Kombucha drinks are a definite trend within the beverage market, which is increasingly growing. So, what type of label do you need to make your Kombucha drinks bottle stand out?

Digital – with our digital printing expertise we can provide real vibrant, quality label printing which will make any label design jump off the shelf. Using digital printing onto our metallic silver material could give your Kombucha labels an eye-catching lift over your competitors

Hot Foiling – everyone loves a bit of metallic foil to catch the eye. Our hot foiling detailed finish will add a level of luxury to your kombucha drinks labels, making them appealing to a high-end market and an elegance to your drinks bottle

Screen Printing – if you want part of your label design to stand out adding screen printing will give it a high gloss, wax like feel (think of a hot wax stamp effect) which adds an interesting dimension to any Kombucha drinks label

Our team have over 20 years’ experience working with drinks manufacturers and can provide you with label samples before you proceed to any order. For more help with your Kombucha labels or a free quotation, just get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.