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Labelnet Invest in State-of-the-Art Machin


Earlier this year Labelnet made the decision to broaden its printing capabilities and invest in a state-of-the-art piece of machinery to take our customers labels to the next level of luxury.

Introducing the brand new Digicon Series 3 finishing press which has extended our market to cater for high end brands wanting to create show stopping labels with luxurious embellishments.

We have been working with manufacturers across the UK to enhance their labels with hot foiled, screen printed and embossed finishes appealing to customers looking for high-end products.

Director Comment

Our director, Neil Southgate, comments on the new machine:

‘We have been looking for another opportunity to invest in something new and exciting,’ said Neil Southgate Labelnet founder.  ‘When I came across the Digicon Series 3 at the Labelexpo Europe I knew it was exactly what we were looking for. The machinery has been tailored made to suit even the most creative customer’s needs. The embellishment addons we have opted for ensure we remain the go to label company for innovative and creative products.’

Check out the full press release about our machine launch by clicking here.

So, what can our new press offer?

Our new finishing press works hand in hand with our digital and flexographic printers so we are able to offer high quality printing with impressive finishes to make your labels stand out.

Hot Foiling – gives a metallic finish to parts of the label to create a sophisticated look which any label design would reap benefits from

Screen Printing – a technique often used for braille as it provides a high build raised glossy finish which can also be used to create a waxed stamp look to part of the label design

Embossing – creates a raised 3D texture to the label for a tactile-feel which customers love to pick up and touch. (De-bossing can also be applied which reverses the 3D effect to an inverted texture).

Premium Varnishes – completing any label with a varnish adds protection but also provides the perfect finishing touch whether it’s an ultra-gloss or matt varnish, or our popular tactile varnish which creates a rough, sandpaper like, texture

Who will benefit from these label embellishments?

The drinks sector is a huge market for using embellishments as people spending money on an expensive Whisky bottle, for example, will expect a premium looking label to entice them into the sale. A label is a customers first impression and sells the product, so going to town with your labels can reach the high-end market you are looking for.

Premium food brands will also invest in these luxury label finishes to create the right appearance and appeal to their target audience. Let’s face it, if we are spending more money on a product, there’s got to be something special to entice us to do so. The label is the perfect compliment to an indulgent food product.

Cosmetics companies will highly benefit from adding embellishments to their labels. Branded perfumes, face creams and scented candles all ooze luxury. Adding gold or silver hot foil is so popular to adding that level of sophistication to cosmetic labels and an ideal way to make your products stand out on a shelf.

Getting started with your luxury labelsHubspot Blog Images (19)

With so many embellishment options to choose from it can seem quite daunting on knowing where to start. Our expert team are here to offer advice, trial runs and samples to help you on your way. We can discuss various materials options which will best suit your embellishments, a variety of foil colours to choose from and an in depth discussion about what finishes will set your labels apart.

  • Research – take a look at what competitors are offering with their label embellishments. What stands out, what doesn’t?
  • Design – get a graphic designer to put your ideas together to create a show stopping label design
  • Print – use high quality print manufacturers (uh-hum!) to ensure your vision is created to perfection

Request a sample pack or discuss further with our team today.