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Protein Powder Labels to Catch the Eye

To make sure the efforts of creating your incredible new protein powder products aren’t wasted, it’s time to think of how you can create the best supplement label design to catch the eye of all your potential customers. Your label has the ability to tell the story of your brand and convey what sets your product out from the rest. Here, we’ve pulled together how to create protein powder labels that catch the eye.

Establish Brand Colours

Colour is the first attribute of your protein powder label that your customer notices and it’s what they look for when they look for a certain brand. Establishing your brand colours using attractive, compatible colour combinations will make the product stand out among others, and when your product stands out, you’ll see more transactions. To ensure you have the best supplement label design, you need to take into account the readability and whether the text stands out against the background. The brand name, products name, ingredient list and other info needs to be easy to read and understand, for example, choosing a blue font on a red background isn’t very customer friendly. You also need to think about colour psychology and considering who your target market is. Protein powders targeted to 20-something women will look different to the products targeted to 40+ men.

Utilise White Space

White space is the empty space between elements in your design. Not many people realise that adding this space can be just as important as your label design itself. A good amount of white space increases the legibility of your product label and prevents it from looking too busy. White space can create a more elegant protein powder label and emphasise certain aspects. For the best supplement label design, make sure all letters and lines of text aren’t too close together and remember that your background doesn’t have to be fully filled.

Be Specific

When it comes to the best supplement label designs, you want your customers to find the information he or she is looking for quickly and easily. It’s important to include the specific nutritional information and the ingredients list clearly and emphasise any unique selling points such as the amount of protein in your product.

Be Original

Your label should be unique to your brand. You should avoid designing a label to similar to your competitors or larger brands on the market. The branding on your labels should tell the story of your brand and send a message. Try to identify what makes your brand special and convey that in the label. By pulling together the brand colours, white space and specifics of your product, you can create an original, eye-catching label for your protein powder products with ease.

Printing Quality

After researching, brainstorming and designing your protein powder labels, you want your label to be printed in the highest quality. The label material, printing process and company can play a big part in the finished product. Get in touch with Labelnet now. As leading label suppliers, we can help you design and print your dream supplement labels.