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Spring Drink Trends

Every season, new drink trends emerge and we can see from previous years what that means. In Winter, there is a rise of mulled wine and egg nog, in Summer there is a rise of fruity drinks! Here, we’ve pulled together the top Spring drink trends in the UK for you to consider for your business in 2022.

Floral Flavours

When Spring arrives, the flowers start to bloom, so it’s only fitting that floral flavours become one of the major Spring drink trends! Floral flavoured gins are one of the popular Spring drink trends for many with light, aromatic flavours that pair naturally in refreshing Spring cocktails. Favourite floral flavours include chamomile, lavender, rose and hibiscus. Floral components to popular drinks provide a bright, sweet flavour that isn’t too sugary but is light, refreshing and delicate and is something your customers are going to be looking for this year!


Kombucha is a fermented, slightly fizzy, sweetened black or green tea drink that is popular for its many health benefits. Fermentation and probiotics have been on food menus for years, but now they’re making their way over to the drink’s menu. Kombucha can be seen used in cocktails taking over soda as something sweet and bubbly. This drink continues to be a direct competitor of canned cocktails and its growth isn’t likely to stop any time soon. To get your foot in the kombucha market, try creating cocktails built around this drink for Spring as a fruity and refreshing drink with an added health kick. Keep the kombucha cocktails simple and light to keep up with the Spring drink trends in the UK!

batched cocktails

Batched Cocktails

Spring brings with it a rush of afternoon beer gardens, barbeques and after-work drinks, and the star of any event in your business at this time is a kegged cocktail. Batched cocktails are one of the most popular Spring drinks trends in the UK and they allow your customers to experience Springs most popular cocktails whilst reducing waste, saving on ice and speeding up service at your bar or restaurant. Batched cocktails are a hot new thing and although they aren’t new, the batched cocktail is finding its place in the craft cocktail scene. As a rule of thumb, avoid kegging or batching cocktails that include fresh herbs or aromatics, but consider cocktails like Moscow Mules that can be easily dispensed without sacrificing the quality of the drink. Another great idea is batch measuring gin and tonic syrup then topping with soda for ease and speed.

Low Alcohol By Volume

In Spring, people want to be able to sit outside and have a few drinks. Customers like to enjoy themselves at a slow pace and recently, low ABV (alcohol by volume) drinks have risen to popularity and are one of the upcoming Spring drink trends UK. They enable guests to order a few and still be able to stand a few hours later. Formulate your cocktails around liqueurs, wines and champagne rather than hard spirits to encourage customers to order more but keep drunk levels low.


Tequila! Tequila!

Tequila is a very underestimated drink within the spirits world but is a rising drink trend in the UK with consumers becoming more adventurous in trying various tequilas and discovering new flavours. The love and time that goes into creating this beautifully unique drink is becoming more appreciated. Some agave plants take up to 20 years to grow so understanding the complexity of the drink is becoming wider knowledge and expert whisky drinkers may just start moving onto tequila. A popular trend coming across from the US tequila can be enjoyed with soda or tonic to create a selection of mouth-watering new drinks on the market.


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