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The Low and No Alcohol Beverage Boom!

Dry January could be becoming a thing of the past as it sets to continue throughout the whole year for an increasing number of consumers. The low or no alcohol beverage trend is roaring and set to rocket more so in 2022.

With a higher concern for keeping fit and healthy and the younger generation wanting to look after their physical and mental self, opting for a 0% alcoholic drink is becoming more and more appealing. Low beverage alcohol drinks contain less calories, don’t give you the dreaded hangover after a few too many, and they still taste just as good as the hard stuff.

The fun doesn’t stop here with the new range of low percent alcoholic drinks, as they are one of the healthiest drink options out there offering additional health benefits including:

  • Can reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Helps you to sleep
  • Aids in bone growth
  • Reduce the risk of getting illnesses like the common cold

Many drinks manufacturers are implementing a 0% or low alcohol option into their line to target a wider audience and keep up with the current drinks trends. This is a £90m industry which has attracted big brands such as the likes of Heineken and Brew Dog who have jumped on board.

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Why else is the low-alcohol drinks such a huge market?

  • The days of going out and drinking to socialise are being replaced by youngsters staying home more and socialising online
  • With pictures and posts being displayed across social media channels, everyone wants to look good which not only means more exercise, but eating healthier and now…drinking healthier
  • With long term health issues caused by drinking excessive alcohol, the younger generation are perhaps wising up to this and simply choosing not to drink alcohol...ever
  • For people who simply can’t drink from time to time, whether that be because of health reasons, pregnancy, being designated driver or taking certain medications, they still want the option of drinking an adults soft drink

What drinks have 0% or low alcohol content?

The most obvious drinks that spring to mind are low alcohol beer, low alcohol gin and bottled spirits where they taste (almost) the same as the real mccoy but the alcohol content has been removed. Genius! There are other low alcohol drink options which keep being heard across the drinks industry which are increasingly popular, including:

  • Kombucha – the fermented tea range with fantastic health benefits including antioxidants effect (the same as green tea) and a source of probiotics
  • CBD Drinks – drinks infused with cannabinoid oils which help with anxiety, depression, and help to ease pain
  • Canned Mocktails – a refreshingly fruity non-alcoholic cocktail on the go with the same great flavours of some classic recipes including Mojitos and Pina Coladas!

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Designing new labels for 0% alcohol beverages

If you are wondering what label design to create for your low-alcohol drinks range then our team can help discuss new ideas, colours and flavours which are trending within the market right now. With a huge range of premium materials, colours and unique finishes to create an eye catching drinks label, mixed with a team of creative designers who work with many beverage companies, we will create your perfect beer bottle labels and spirit labels.

  • Digital and Flexo Printing
  • Luxurious Hot Foiling
  • Textured Varnishes
  • Premium Materials
  • Creative Designers

Will the 'low or no-alcohol' trend last?

The simple answer is, who knows. What we do know is the market is rising and a current popular trend right now. Having said that the alcoholic beverage market exceeds popularity still, by far, so low alcoholic drinks will not be taking over any time soon. Some non-alcoholic drink companies have nailed the flavours, whilst others just don’t quite cut it and need further research and work into creating flavours which replicate the spirit or beer they are trying to mimic. If the market can continue to trial new winning alcohol-free flavours that work, it’s going to sell.

But will the healthier drinking option be here to stay? Watch this space we say…2 pints of 0% lager and a packet of crisps anyone?